Birth date: 04 November, 1979
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Married
Orientation: Straight
Country: Indonesia
City: JAKARTA, My Phone +62 818 77 3636 ; +62 818 081 99 567 ; +62 81218602585 ; +62 8121430412
Favourite category: Creampie
Website: We have 5 Accounts of Group Family in FACEBOOK By Mamih Santy (Mucikari) : Tjeng Santoso ; Sherly Santoso ; Jeffrey P. Santoso ; Santy Chandra D ; Sandy Chandrawan ( You Can Search to Add or Send Message for My Facebook)
Education: Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta ( Bachelor of Economics )
Occupation: MAMIH PIM Muncikari Ex Hotel ALEXIS JAKARTA, KALIJODO Tangerang, DOLLY Surabaya, Agen Insurance Alianz Life Jakarta, Business Multi Level Marketing, Prostitusi Online
About me: SEX LOVERS - Do You Want Dating with Native Indonesian Girl. Please Welcome, Let's get to know each other and chat INDONESIAN GIRLS COLLECTION - BEAUTIFUL & SEXY FOR BOOKING ONLINE 24 HOURS (Morning,Afternoon,Evening, any time always Ready if you want to Contact). (MY GIRLS : DURABLE, VAGINA is Still Hairy, Beautiful, Sexy, ITCHY, GREAT,Like Interested Sex with Nude Naked, HOOKED FILTHY and Like Sordid until CREAMPIE without using condoms) FULFILL the Desire of Lust when Love is Not Satisfied. By : GROUP TRIO MACAN BETAWI - NONI SANSAN FAMILY & FRIENDS CS (Ex HOTEL ALEXIS Jakarta, PIMP MAMIH KALIJODO Jakarta & DOLLY Surabaya) AGEN 100% ORIGINAL INDONESIAN GIRLS FOR BOOKING ONLINE 24 Hours. "We Have a lot of collection friends of status : Girls Virgin,Widows,Women are Pregnant,Lesbi,Gay,For ONLINE 24 Hours (Morning, Afternoon, Evening For All Day & Any Time). TYPE : LOCAL GIRL 100% ORIGINAL Indonesian. 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MY BIRTH DATE : 4 November 1979 (38 Years Old) MY STATUS: WIDOWED Sexy have 1 kid (Ex Tjeng Santoso,Enterpreneur Furniture Store "INDAH PRATAMA @ BSD Tangerang City). I can be his inheritance. MY TYPE : Small body chick, Short little body, Short Black hair, Slightly Black skin, Itchy,Great Love in Bed Room,My Favourite Style : Oral Sex,Doggie,Threesome,Creampie and Interracial. MY JOB : PIMP MUCIKARI Ex HOTEL ALEXIS JAKARTA, MAMIH KALIJODO Jakarta & DOLLY Surabaya, Agen Insurance Alianz Jakarta,Business Multi Level Marketing BIO GREEN and Prostitusi Online. MY HANDPHONE : +62 818 081 99 567 MY ID CARD NUMBER : 950014411792008 MY RELIGION : Christian. MY EMAIL : & MY MOTHER Name : Remislim. MY HOME : Kalideres, TANGERANG City, and sometimes in JAKARTA City. My FACEBOOK : Santy Chandra D My Pretty,Beauty & Sweet Girl (We have : stocks lots of Virgins,Widows,Women are Pregnant,Fresh,Disposable BisPak,Sange,Sexy,Itchy,Durable & Beautiful) Online 24 Hours all time. * Noni Suci Mentari - Ex Leny Tania Sofi ( Jakarta ) ,Her Call : "Noni Sexy" aze yee. MY STATUS : LESBI GIRL. MY HANDPHONE : +62 877 0878 1179 MY PIN BBM : 5B34506E MY RELIGION : Christian. MY JOB : Member of Business MLM Bio Green By Santy Chandra D MY FACEBOOK 1 : Deasy Triastuty Alamsyah (She is My Friend and Status Single Girl,Moslem) MY FACEBOOK 2 : Sherly Santoso ( She is my Young Brother and Status SINGLE GIRL) MY FACEBOOK 3 : Jeffrey P. Santoso ( He is my Young Brother ex working in EUROPCAR Indonesia) * HERLINA NOVERAWATI, Her Mesmerizing Calls : "Mbak.Ina Yayang Sexy & Kece" aze yee. MY BIRTH DATE : 12 November 1984 (33 Years Old) MY STATUS : SINGLE GIRL (Ex Sabila Nurul Haqi ),Virgin,Black Skin Sweety,Long Hair,Kece,Sexy,Sange,Itchy,Kepo,Gokil. MY JOB : LESBIAN & ACCOUNTING in PT.Ultrajaya Milk Industry,Padalarang. MY HANDPHONE : +62 812 186 02585 and +62 813 220 19197 MY ID CARD NUMBER : 1050085211840001 MY RELIGION : MOSLEM. My EMAIL : MY HOME ADRESS : Jl.Sukarajin II No. 27 RT.06/12 BANDUNG City. My FACEBOOK : Herlina Noverawati * FRANSISCA Amelia, Her Mesmerizing Call : "Jeng.Siska Tomboy & Kece" aze yee. MY BIRTH DATE : 24 September 1986 (31 years old) MY STATUS : SINGLE GIRL (Ex Mr.BOY Sugeri Hanafi),Virgin,Long Hair,Tomboy,Black Skin,Narsis,Curcol,Gokil abis. MY JOB : SEX LOVER & BUYING SUPERVISOR in PT.TEMPO Group,JAKARTA City. MY HANDPHONE : +62 813 206 89054 MY RELIGION : CATHOLIC. My MOTHER Name : Veronica.S My FACEBOOK : Fransisca Amelia * HELAVANTO Adhaputra, His Mesmerizing Call : "Mas.Ipan GAY & HANDSOME" aze yee. MY BIRTH DATE : 26 August 1985 (32 Years Old) MY STATUS : WIDOWER Sexy (Ex My Wife Mrs.Khoiriyati Kaulina Rahmaningrum) GAY MAN,Handsome,Soft,Patient,Cheap Smile,Polite,Kepo,Nasty & Little Cunning. 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MY PARENT HOME : Komplek Griya Pesantren Indah A-1 Jl. Pasantren,Cimahi. MY MOTHER Name : Suyeti My FACEBOOK : Lucky Hadichristanti * FENIA Luv Joia, Her Mesmerizing Call : "Sis Feni Nyong Gokil" aze yee. MY BIRTH DATE : 17 February 1984 (33 Years Old) MY STATUS : WIDOWED Sexy have 2 kids (Ex Mr.Rizal Nofrin Napilus),Mouth Monyong,Short Hair,Black Skin,Gosiper,Gokil,Curcol. MY HANDPHONE : +62 8122 0089 817 MY ID CARD NUMBER : 1050175702845001 MY RELIGION : CATHOLIC. MY ADRESS HOME : Jl.Pameungpeuk IV Antapani,Bandung. MY MOTHER Name : Eline Arni My FACEBOOK : Fenia Luv Joia * DESI Maharyani, Her Mesmerizing Call : "Nonik Desi Cantik" aze yee MY BIRTH DATE : 18 December 1981 (36 Years Old) MY STATUS : WIDOWED Sexy without kids (Ex Mr.Natosmal Oemar Mangiang),Long Black Hair,White Skin,Beautiful Girl,Sweet,Pretty,Cheap Smile & Sexy also Cuy. MY HANDPHONE : +62 817 2355 170 MY ID CARD NUMBER : 1050145812813013 MY RELIGION : MOSLEM. MY ADRESS HOME : Jl.Caringin Dalam No.6 RT 08/03,BANDUNG. MY WORK : Secretary in PT.Unilever Indonesia,Tbk @ Cikarang City in Indonesia. MY MOTHER Name : Lilis Sri Apriliswari MY FACEBOOK : Dez M'haRyani Good Service & Online Full 24 Hours All Day ( Payment Method By : CASH / CREDIT CARD / PAYING FAMILY DEBTS can also ) CONTACT ME By : Phone,Message,Chatting Whatsapp,LINE,MESSENGER,FACEBOOK,EMAIL,or Want to Directly Play and Come to our respective home address and Other,Also PLEASE WELCOME. We can mutual acquaintance or contact each other first but the your attitude must be Polite well,Patient and Gentle to women. DATING Rates ( Negotiable ): Hour,Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Siri Marriage,Contract Marriage,Oral Sex,Interracial Sex,Creampie,Group Sex,ARTIST MOVIE PORN,Travelling and other. We all want to add a network of Friends as well as around the world,who knows we can be friends (Dating or Friends but Intimate also.) If you have or know about Business Multi Level Marketing, Interesting Insurance or Blowjob to supplement our daily income, please help send info to me, I still wait for your information. Give Happy, Love, Adequate income and the best love gift for your women. Greeting know,close Friends, Friends but also intimate. Our motto : "Gue Suka Ame Gaya Loe, Cuy" similar with "I Like your Style, Cuy" I will always wait for your contact, please be patient and try to get our heart. I Give You Kiss and Suck Your Dick until Spurt Muachhhh....... it is very Delicious Moment. You can see or search My Biodata with Type My Phone Number, in Miss You All & The Lovers of Sex.
Interests: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITER, CHAT By WHATSAPP, LINE, MESSENGER, VIDEO CALL, EMAIL & Other Chatting to get acquainted to know each other information. Karaoke,Nite Club,Discothique,Massage,Spa,Biliard,Hangout Mal,Cafe Nite,Eating Sushi Steak Pizza, Travelling to Europe,America and others activitity Online 24 Hours. (LOVING SEX @ Private Home,Villa,Apartemen,Hotel,Cruise Ship) I LOVE to Lick and Suck The Dick after Spurt, Muachhhh It is Delicious for me. I LIKE it if My VAGINA is Kissed, Sucked and Licked until it Gets Wet and Peaks Erection, Ejaculation and Fulfill the desire lust with good satisfaction.
My favourite movies: CINEMA Movie : Twilight Saga. LOVE STORY Begins from the canteen. LOVE By Doogie Style, Oral Sex, Group, Interracial and l want to learn about all The Sex Styles in the world.
My favourite music: DISCO ,KARAOKE, LIVE MUSIC
My favourite books: FIRST LOVE is NEVER DIE. "LOVE STORY Begins from the canteen" Our Motto : "Gue suka ame Gaya Loe, Cuy" From ANAK BETAWI.
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